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Corporate ValuationThe Corporate Sector requires a multitude of property advisory and valuations services in relation to real estate holdings depending upon factors such as the type of company, the location of its operations, the number of properties it holds and the way in which they were acquired.

Whether it be the mining and manufacturing sector’s with specialised operational properties, the retail sector with exposure and locational requirements or large Investment Funds holding properties for long term investment returns, we are uniquely placed to understand the nuances of the corporate sectors property requirements.

Our extensive experience in advising corporate property owners allows us to fully understand and advise the best possible course of action so that owners and/or occupiers are gaining the maximum returns from their properties.

We also understand that many laws and regulations over and above town planning and zoning laws affect corporate property holdings and this enables us to provide client specific advice in much greater detail than many other property advisory firms.

Our Services to the Corporate Sector include the following:

  • Market valuations for financial reporting purposes
  • DCF and NPV analysis for property projects
  • Market valuations for acquisition and disposal
  • Fair Market valuations for specialised and operational properties
  • Insurance valuations
  • Assessment of tenancy and lease proposals
  • Stamp Duty valuations
  • Capital Gains Tax valuations
  • Feasibility analysis

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