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Government Owned Property ValuersThe public sector in Australia includes Federal and State Government Departments, Local Government and government owned businesses. The public sector has very large land holdings and it is in the interests of all Australians that these land holdings are managed and transacted in an efficient manner.

The diversity of public sector land holdings is enormous and includes roads and rail lines, ports, schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, defence facilities, airports, court houses, office buildings, warehouses, retail properties and specialised buildings such as Parliament House, museums and sporting stadiums. Perhaps the best known government owned building in Australia is the Sydney Opera House.

Such diversity requires a multitude of management and operational policies and in order to value and advise on such diversity, specialised knowledge and experience is required.

CPCV is uniquely placed to advise on government owned properties with many years of experience in both the management and valuation of government owned properties. We have in-depth knowledge of Accounting Standards and how they are applied to public sector assets.

Our Services to the Government Sector include the following:

  • Fair market valuations for accounting purposes (IAS 5 and AASB116)
  • Market valuations for acquisition and disposal
  • Compulsory acquisition valuations
  • DCF and NPV analysis
  • Insurance valuations
  • Analysis of tenancy and lease proposals
  • Strategic advice for specialised properties
  • Feasibility analysis

Government Valuations Sydney

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