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Private Individuals & SMSF Valuations

SMSF ValuationsPrivate Individuals typically own residential property as their principal place of residence or as a long- term investment either in their own name or in a self-managed superannuation fund.

The requirement for valuation services often involves advice in relation to purchasing or selling a property, or for Stamp Duty purposes where a transfer between family members is occurring.

In some instances, the home or investment property owned by a private individual or family may be compulsorily acquired by the government for road, rail, electricity, water or other infrastructure projects. CPCV Sydney are experts in compulsory acquisition matters and we have extensive experience dealing with government departments in these matters

Other reasons for requiring a valuation may include for family law purposes in the case of divorce or for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

CPCV Sydney is able to assist with valuations for residential, commercial, industrial, retail and rural properties in all of the circumstances mentioned above.

Our Services to the Private Individuals and SMSF’s include the following:

  • Market valuations for acquisition and disposal
  • Market valuations for Stamp Duty purposes
  • Compulsory acquisition valuations and assessments of compensation
  • Assessments of compensation where easements are taken over private property
  • Market valuations for self-managed superannuation funds
  • Market valuations for family law and divorce proceedings
  • Insurance valuations
  • Capital Gains Tax valuations
  • Analysis of tenancy and lease proposals
  • Strategic advice for specialised properties
  • Feasibility analysis

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