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Civicland Property Consultants and Valuers Pty Limited (CPCV) are experts when it comes to valuing a property. We assess the accurate market worth of your property, whether it’s government assets valuation, corporate property, private individuals, or community sector organizations.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the market and the requirements of the clients places us in a unique position to provide all types of property valuation services to firms in Rockdale.Our consultants are highly qualified and extensively trained in property assessment. We work closely with the clients to provide unbiased reports.

CPCV services are customised depending on the type of property you own. Some of the common services we offer across properties includes fair market valuation, DCF and NPV analysis, insurance valuations, feasibility analysis, analysis of tenancy and lease proposals, strategic advice for properties, and much more. We offer a wide range of other services depending on the type of property such as government, private, individual, or community organizations.

Property ConsultantsWhat Do We Value?We value all types of property from universities, hospitals, schools, roads, ports, rail facilities, defense, facilities, council properties, office buildings, industrial buildings, residential apartment buildings, residential development sites, houses and apartments, residential apartment buildings, scout and Girl Guide properties, churches to industrial properties, and much more.

Why Choose Us To Value Your Property in Rockdale?We are a trusted advisor in Australia for property valuation, relied on by all types of firms, individuals, government departments.Civicland Property Consultants and Valuersprovide you with accurate property advice that is spot on to the actual sale price. Our clients report the exceptional accurate of our valuation with an average variation of only 3 percent from the actual sales price. We are a registered company with the Australian government to provide advice on valuation of property. Whether you are a company, individual, or government organization, CPCVRockdale is the ideal valuers and advisor to estimate the worth of your property and provide other associated services.